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Image Credit: Marty Sokolinski

We talk to Marty and Michael about IF HUMANS ACTED LIKE ANIMALS.


What inspired you to create this production?

We've just always been really talented at acting exactly how cats and dogs act. Even as kids we were meowing and barking at a very young age. We just really wanted to show the world how accurate we are at being cats and dogs, you know?

What challenges did you face in creating this production?

We got a lot of concerned looks from neighbours while filming, and we even had the RSPCA show up one day expecting to save a cat. Turns out it was just me and Michael pretending to be cats. There's a lot of judgement that comes when you pretend to be another animal, but we think it's an art form.


Image Credit: Marty Sokolinksi

What is one piece of advice you would give to aspiring filmmakers?

Our advice would have to have a meow, and have a bark. See how it feels. Just even you now reading this - have a little "meow" under your breath. Feels good doesn't it?Be yourself!

What are you hoping audiences will take away when watching this film?

I'm hoping that people will see just how cat and dog like we can be, and it could inspire the next generation of humans to pretend to be animals. We also hope to change the world by acting like cats and dogs. If more people acted like cats and dogs, the world would be a much safer place.

Have you ever seen cats and dogs go to war? Exactly.

Image Credit: Marty Sokolinski

Final Thoughts?

Yes - that the clip where Michael is "pooing" into the kitty litter box. It's not actually real poo so don't be too grossed out.

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