AACTA LMAO August Winners

This August AACTA launched the first LMAO competition initiative, a resounding success with over a hundred entries and 30 shortlisted finalists.

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In launching the initiative we chose to celebrate the power of the individual: in a time where many are re-evaluating their own markers for success, Australia’s funniest came through to show us their Personal Best.  

The LMAO Comedy Panel, alongside August Ambassador Lachlan Fairbairn of Fairbairn Films, came together last month to determine who would take out the top prize - $1000 cash and the title of August’s Funniest! Content creators came from far and wide and 6 fantastic winners were plucked from a wide array of exceptional content.  


  • 1st Prize: Zakariah Mardon (@semi_keen) 
  • Runner Up: Georgie Cusack (@georgiecusack) 
  • Runner Up: Gretchen Petersen (@gretchjp) 
  • Finalist: Lachlan A’Court (@sudsies_) 
  • Finalist: Alice Gilbert (@aliceglib) 
  • Finalist: Mike Zarate (@mikeazarate) and Cola Saycocie (@colasaycocie)  


The entire LMAO Comedy team would like to extend a gigantic thank you to every single person who entered August LMAO, our Ambassadors Fairbairn Films and you - our AACTA LMAO Family! Thank you for joining us in celebrating and showcasing up and coming creators and creatives.  We caught up with our 6 hilarious winners to find out what makes them giggle 

What is something guaranteed to make you laugh, every time?  

Zakariah: “Curb Your Enthusiasm - especially these later seasons. Larry David is a comedic genius and I just love how he manages to say what we’re all thinking, but are too scared to admit. 

Georgie: “Although I usually deny it, I do love a good Dad Joke. Guilty.”  

Gretchen: “My partner hiding in various locations around the house and jumping out to scare me when I least expect it.” 

Lachlan: “I'm very angry that I'm about to say this, but nobody makes me laugh more than my best friend Shennen. He isn't even interested in comedy, and he never tries exceptionally hard to be funny, but he always makes me laugh whenever I'm with him. He also sucks, so I don't want him to get a big ego by hearing about this, so can you make sure you include the fact that he is also very short in the article? He's the tiniest boy in the world. “ 

Mike: “Someone who snorts when they laugh” 

Cola: “Animated and expressive facial expressions with a side of fart noises.” “ 

Alice: “This video of a sea lion pulling a girl into the water: Sea lion drags girl into Steveston waters 

Which Australian creator would you like to see as the next LMAO Ambassador?   

Zakariah: “Well.. I mean… if you’re gonna ask me…I’m not gonna say no. Haha nah, @joshgarlepp is a funny guy and I reckon he’d be a damn fine judge. Plus he’s a ginger, and we’ve gotta support each other in these mean streets 

Georgie: “I know she would be a very busy lady, but I LOVE Celeste Barber, she would be awesome. “ 

Gretchen: “Hannah Gadsby” 

Lachlan: “This feels like a fairly obvious choice but Aunty Donna would be excellent judges, I think. Or maybe Lauren Bonner and Concetta Caristo? They are very funny too and I think they'd have a great time being involved with this competition.”  

Mike: “Andy Minh TrieuNatalie Tran” 

Cola: “Superwog - Theodore and Nathan Saidden.”  

Alice: “Anyone from a culturally or linguistically diverse, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, disability or LGBTQIA+ community would be fantastic!” 

What tips do you have for aspiring AACTA LMAO Creators out there? 

Zakariah: “Bounce ideas off your friends! They might pick up on something you’re missing. Also, another big one for me is that it’s okay to not feel funny all the time. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Some days you might not be feeling it, but that doesn’t mean it won’t come to you.” 

Georgie: “My hottest tip would honestly just be to knuckle down and start making stuff. It's so easy to think about all the content you could make and put off opportunities like this, but you've got to find the motivation to actually start creating. The hardest part is starting, once you've got the ball rolling it's FUN! Also, if you can, surround yourself with other motivated creatives, that way you can bounce off each other and make some really good stuff.  “ 

Gretchen: “Simple is best” 

Lachlan: “If my success is anything to go off, then it is undoubtedly quantity over quality. If you send in enough videos then one of them HAS to do well. It's basic maths. “ 

Mike: “Have fun making it, enjoy the process. If you can make it with a friend, it'll be even funner!” 

Cola: “Trust your gut and don't be afraid to make fun of yourself! or find the funny side of the situation you're in (e.g. Covid Lockdown) “ 

Alice: “Make something that makes YOU laugh. If others find it funny too then that's a bonus.” 

What’s next for AACTA LMAO? 

We encourage anyone and everyone to get involved with the growing AACTA LMAO community by submitting an entry – you could win big!  On the first of each month a new theme and ambassador will be announced, giving anyone Australia-wide the chance to create something fantastic.  

September’s competition is now open and this month’s theme is Spring! We have stacks of fantastic prizes to give away, including cash + Sony gear! This month’s winners will be determined by the wonderful and hysterical Sam Andrew alongside the LMAO Comedy Panel. 

Heard enough? Ready to #GetFunny? Find more info here

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out the August entries produced by the champs above – not to mention all the other hilarious content that made the ‘Personal Best’ LMAO Shortlist - compiled in the glorious highlights video below.   



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