Open to accredited screen professionals and industry practitioners, AACTA Professional membership provides you with the opportunity to connect with friends, colleagues and creators working in the Australian screen industry.


Available to everyone, AACTA General membership offers a complete passport to the very best in Australian screen, connecting you to the very heart and soul of our screen entertainment industry.


AACTA Student membership provides access to a range of resources aimed at further developing understanding the industry, whether you are an emerging creator, have an interest in screen culture or a student in any field.



Our members are at the heart of everything we do. All members – from students and screen fans to emerging and established professionals – underpin our year-round Screen Culture and Industry Development Program, bringing audiences and industry together to share insider knowledge behind Australia’s top screen productions.

With the support of all our dedicated members, AACTA now offers three tiers of membership – professional, general and student memberships – with all members receiving more benefits than ever before.

Whether your place is on the screen, behind the camera, or front row in a cinema, there is an AACTA membership option for everyone.
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$140 p.a.

$80 p.a.

$55 p.a.

AACTA Rewards

Screen Culture &
Industry Development Program

AACTA Awards Voting Rights*

Limited Limited

AACTA Awards Entry**

Limited Limited

AACTA Pitch Benefits


AACTA Awards Ticket Savings

Cinema & Film
Festival Discounts



*Voting is weighted for AACTA Student members who vote in the Best Short Fiction Film, Best Short Animation, Best Online Drama or Comedy and Best Online Entertainment categories. AACTA General members can vote to shortlist Best Film, Best Documentary, and all of the TV Production Award categories, in addition to voting in Best Short Fiction Film, Best Short Animation, Best Online Drama or Comedy and Best Online Entertainment categories.

**AACTA General and AACTA Student membership facilitates entry in Shorts and Online categories only.




The AACTA Rewards program is exclusive for AACTA members, and now includes discounts from brands such as The Iconic, GoPro, Final Draft, Samsonite, Audible and Dinnerly plus many more.

If you’re already a member, log in to access your AACTA Rewards here.


With live events across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane featuring preview screenings, exclusive panel discussions, industry masterclasses, seminars, television premieres, short film showcases, international and local events, and a range of stand-alone festivals, access to the year round program provides valuable networking and professional development opportunities.


AACTA members receive the privileged right to vote across different categories, determining who will be honoured with Australia's highest screen accolade - an AACTA Award.

AACTA Student members receive the right to vote in the Best Short Fiction Film, Best Short Animation, Best Online Drama or Comedy and Best Online Entertainment categories.

In addition to the Short Form categories, AACTA Professional and General members can vote in all of the Television Production, Feature Film and Documentary Award categories, with AACTA Professional members also having the privilege to vote within their craft.


Entry of a production into the AACTA Awards requires a certain number of cast and crew to be AACTA members. By becoming an AACTA member you not only facilitate your own entry for the AACTA Awards, but also entry for any productions you have worked on. AACTA Professional membership facilitates entry across all categories, with AACTA General and AACTA Student membership facilitating entry in Shorts and Online categories.


Membership provides reduced entry fees to AACTA Pitch; one of Australia's premier talent and content initiatives, linking industry with emerging creatives and fast tracking the development of new productions. With AACTA Pitch categories spanning web series, television drama, short film, feature film and acting, the initiative aims to spotlight new voices and generate career progression opportunities.


AACTA members receive exclusive and complimentary access to AACTA's online streaming platform, AACTA TV - available anytime, anywhere and on any device.

AACTA TV gives you access to exclusive content, including popular production premieres, industry masterclasses and Q&A discussions with production cast and creatives. AACTA TV also hosts all productions under Award consideration, across all categories.


Members enjoy a 10% discount* on tickets for the annual AACTA Awards and associated events.

*Discount applies to ticket purchases via the AACTA website only.

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