AACTA Awards


Voting in the AACTA Awards determines which productions, performers and practitioners will be honoured with Australia’s highest screen accolade – an AACTA Award.

Voting is exclusive to AACTA members (with AFI members granted limited voting rights in Short Form categories).

In line with best practice models, AACTA members (screen professionals who have undergone an accreditation process) vote via a two-round voting model. 

This two-step model allows for a more consistent and rigorous approach to voting, ensuring that those best qualified to recognise excellence in their area of expertise do so, in turn ensuring that the AACTA Awards represent the pinnacle of screen achievement in Australia.


All AACTA members are allocated into one or more of AACTA's 15 chapters, which each represent a different area of screen craft specialisation (for example screenwriting, editing, directing, acting, etc). Craft Chapter allocation determines each member's voting rights, and to best acknowledge experience and accreditation within chapters (to view the Feature Film Voting model, click here), weighting is employed across Round One and Round Two Film voting.

During Round One all AACTA members vote to determine the nominees in line with their accreditation and Chapter.

Winners in all categories are determined in Round Two.


The determination of the Television Awards is undertaken by the AACTA Branch specific to that genre of Television. For example, the AACTA Drama Branch deliberates on all Drama entries and will determine nominees and winners across all categories relevant to Drama. In line with best practice international models, voting is conducted in two rounds – from mid-August through to the beginning of October – with Round One determining respective shortlists and Round Two determining respective nominees and winner.

AACTA Branches are made up of previous AACTA and AFI Award winners and nominees in the category/genre, along with AACTA members with sufficient accreditation and industry experience. Craft Chapter allocation determines weighting employed across Round One and Round Two Television Craft voting. Craft shortlists are determined by each respective Branch, with the AACTA Television Craft Branch determining final nominees and winners.

AACTA Television Branches are:

  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • Entertainment
  • Factual Entertainment
  • Documentary or Factual Program
  • Reality
  • Lifestyle
  • Children’s
  • Sports
  • Subscription Television
  • Television Craft



The nominees for Best Documentary are determined by the AACTA Documentary Branch. All AACTA members vote to determine the winner of the AACTA Award for Best Documentary.

Nominees and winners in all Documentary Craft Award categories (across both Documentary and Documentary or Factual Program) are determined by the AACTA Documentary Craft Branch.



The nominees in these categories are determined by the AACTA Short Film Branch, Short Animation Branch, Online Video Branch, and Short Documentary Branch.

All AFI | AACTA members vote to determine the winners of the Best Short Film, Best Short Animation, Best Scripted Online Video, Best Unscripted Online Video and Best Short Documentary categories by clicking here.



A Jury of highly regarded and relevantly experienced screen professionals determine the nominees and winners in the Best Visual Effects and Animation category.


Ernst & Young is the official scrutineer for the AACTA Awards.

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