AACTA Screening


  • Date 12 October 2022
  • Time
    Screening Commences
  • Location United Cinemas 4 Vuko Pl, Warriewood NSW 2102

AACTA Members are invited to a special screening of EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN at United Cinemas, Warriewood.

18-year-old Jay has had enough of life. 28-year-old Liz can’t get enough of it. As Jay stands on a cliff contemplating an end to his privileged but meaningless existence, Liz lands in Sydney for her latest adventure backpacking the globe.

A ‘sliding doors’ moment brings this unlikely pair together, upon which they form a deep bond – much to the chagrin of Jay’s jaded socialite parents.

Unfortunately, Liz’s laissez-faire lifestyle is brought to an abrupt halt by a life-threatening mystery illness and, as Jay becomes more and more entwined in her plight, all four are forced to come to terms with their world views.

You can view the trailer here:

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