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Statement from the Australian Academy regarding Harvey Weinstein

12 November 2017

AACTA’s aim is to recognise, encourage, promote and celebrate film and television excellence in Australia. We also recognise our role in working with our members in upholding standards in our industry that we can all be proud of, including the provision of a safe and respectful workplace.

Recently it has been pointed out that as an organisation, we neglected to revoke a historic AACTA Award to Harvey Weinstein when his predatory behaviour was revealed last month. In November 2013, AACTA announced Weinstein as the inaugural AACTA International Fellowship recipient in acknowledgment of his support of independent and innovative filmmaking.

This award was, in fact, never actually presented - the event planned for the presentation was cancelled.

However, our communications in 2013/14 did not make it clear that Weinstein no longer held the award and has rightly caused some confusion.

We have now officially rescinded the offer of the award and stand with our associates, including the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in America, in exploring what we can do to further protect both our members and those in the wider screen industry.


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