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Short Film Finalists

AACTA is excited to announce the list of nominees for the 2022 AACTA Award for Best Short Film. Short film has been reintroduced as a standalone category for this year’s awards, garnering a field of over 70 productions in contention.

The six nominees, representing the best, most compelling self-contained fictional or experimental film under 40 minutes in duration for this year are:


-       GIANTS





Following a successful year of screenings at Australian and international short film festivals, this year’s field of entries include works from up-and-coming talent to established filmmakers. The nominees were determined by AACTA Members, Australia’s largest community of screen professionals and fans.

This year’s nominees encompass a variety of subject matter, from moving Australian-centric stories inspired by real life events, to laugh-out-loud absurdist comedies. A summary of each short film is as follows:


In this reimagining of the 1954 auditions for iconic Australian film JEDDA, two best friends go head-to-head auditioning for the role in the movie and face the prospect of a new life. Directed and produced by Tanith Glynn-Maloney, who took out the 2019 AACTA Award for Best Online Drama or Comedy for ROBBIE HOOD, FINDING JEDDA stars AACTA Award winning actress Marta Dusseldorp and up-and-coming actress Siobhan Breadan.


Filmed in the same paddock over a period of 18-months in Narrabi, NSW, GIANTS tells the story of a struggling Australian farmer, fighting to operate under the dual pressure of drought and debt. The short take its name from the Kaputar Mountain range – the omnipresent ‘giants’ seen in the film, using the symbol to take aim at politicians and influential figures within society who deny climate change and its impact. GIANTS is directed by 2014 AACTA nominated filmmaker Eddy Bell (GREY BULL (2014)), and co-written by Eddy Bell and Luke Mulquiney, who stars in the short film.


HATCHBACK is a black comedy shot in Melbourne, which centres around two men attempting to dispose of a dead body for the mob. Co-written and directed by Riley Sugars (RABBITS (2020), FOR THE LOVE OF CINEMA (2017)), the film was birthed from an idea that co-writer and co-producer Chloe Graham had during the pandemic. The film stars esteemed AFI/AACTA Award Winning actor Stephen Curry, and young Australian actor Jackson Tozer.


A psychological thriller that exposes themes of gendered violence against women, THE MOTHS WILL EAT THEM UP centres around a woman, who on her ordinary train ride home, is subjected to a terrifying encounter with a stranger. The film is written and co-directed by emerging creative Tanya Modini and co-directed and produced by Luisa Martiri (THE WILDS (2022), FIVE BEDROOMS (2019)), with support from Screen Queensland and Unless Pictures.


STONEFISH, a dark comedy, tells the story of an anxious young poet who accidentally instigates a feud with his neighbour when he tries to quell the barking of his dog. The film is helmed by actor-turned-writer George Pullar (BARONS (2022), MOONROCK FOR MONDAY (2020), PLAYING FOR KEEPS (2019)), and actress-turned-director Megan Smart (HOME AND AWAY (2021), WAKEFIELD (2021), PETER RABBIT 2 (2021)). The short’s Executive Producer Derek Allan also Executive Produced the AACTA Award nominated documentary I’M WANITA.


A recipient of the Screen NSW Screenability Film Fund, VOICE ACTIVATED tells the story of Trent - a florist and deliveryman who has a stutter – who is forced to find his voice in order to operate a voice-activated car. The short is written and directed by Steve Anthopoulos, and stars Aleks Mikic (100% WOLF (2021), SECRET CITY (2019)), comedian Becky Lucas, and AACTA Award Winning actor Sam Neill. The film is produced by Liam Heyen (NEW GOLD MOUNTAIN (2021), THE INVISIBLE MAN (2020) I AM WOMAN (2019), TOP END WEDDING (2019)) and Yingna Lu (NEW GOLD MOUNTAIN (2021), LOVE BUG (2020).

Round 2 Viewing and Voting will begin in October. Round 2 determines the winner of the 2022 AACTA Award for Best Short Film.


“After receiving an enormous number of entries, we’re thrilled with this year’s six nominees for Best Short Film. The diverse and entertaining range of entries reflect the unique nature of the short film genre, and we’re proud to be able to celebrate these productions and the people who created them. The cast and crew behind these films give a glimpse into the calibre of Australian screen and provide a promising insight into the talent likely to front the future of the film industry.” - AACTA Awards and Industry Development Manager, Ivan Vukusic.


For a full list of nominees, publicity stills and further information, click here.


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