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AACTA Introduces New Digital Award Categories. Entries Are Now Open To All Australian Creators

Australia is home to some of the most popular digital creators, and adventurous online content, globally. To celebrate the prolific people who keep us entertained with their cutting edge works, AACTA is excited to relaunch a suite of awards celebrating the digital/online space, with the proud support of TikTok and NextGen Media Academy. These reinvented categories recognise Australia’s best and most influential digital creators.

The three AACTA Digital Awards are:

Favourite Digital Creator
As part of the AACTA Audience Choice Awards, with more details to be announced soon, the AACTA Favourite Digital Creator Award is the highest accolade for an Australian digital creator or personality.

AACTA Award for Best Short Video
This category recognises the impact, immediacy and creativity of content under 90 seconds that is widely shared, discussed and enjoyed by Australians from all walks of life.

AACTA Award for Best Digital Channel or Series
This category encompasses the amazing breadth of channels and webseries (featuring content over 90 seconds in length) that is updated regularly and across a myriad of styles including drama, video podcasts, comedy, beauty, education, gaming, sports and wellness, kids and family, commentary, review, how-to, reactions, challenges and music.

A recent nationwide survey revealed that a whopping 21 million Australians (83% of the population) use social media, with Australians spending on average 24 hours per month on TikTok alone!  Figures such as Hannah Balanay (@thexhan), Sarah Magusara (@sarahmagusara), and Caleb Finn (@caleb.finn) – Aussie creators who boast over 15 million TikTok followers – are among the most popular and exciting creatives producing digital content.

“It’s both a privilege and an honour for TikTok to be a sponsor of the AACTA Digital Award categories this year. We are excited to partner with an awards organisation that celebrates some of the most popular digital creators in Australia," said Lee Hunter, TikTok General Manager.

The AACTA Awards - which recognise, encourage, promote, and celebrate film and television excellence in Australia - have expanded to encompass the emerging digital space. Each year, AACTA Professional, General and Youth members determine the nominees and winners of the AACTA Awards. To find out how to join and determine which AACTA membership is right for you, click here.

With online entertainment becoming a staple of Australian downtime, AACTA Members are invited to help determine the nominees and winners for the AACTA Award for Best Short Video and the AACTA Award for Best Digital Channel or Series.

The AACTA Award for Best Short Video entries are open to a diverse array of content, from a Samantha Andrews comedy skit, a trending dance routine by the Inspired Unemployed, the original choreography of Hannah Balanay, or Anna Paul’s revealing vlog. AACTA Members will also vote for the Best Digital Channel or Series, which recognises the ever-growing trend of drama and comedy series, factual and instructional content, fitness or beauty tutorials, reviews and reactions, and commentary and interviews, amongst many other genres, published online.

2021 AACTA Award winning productions for Best Short Form/Online content demonstrate the calibre of the genre. ALL MY FRIENDS ARE RACIST, THE TAILINGS and STRONG WOMEN took out an AACTA Award in 2021 across comedy, drama, and entertainment. These series and one-off videos demonstrate Australia’s skill and creativity in the production of highly entertaining and impactful online content.  

 The 2022 AACTA Awards will also see the return of the Audience Choice Award for Favourite Digital Creator. This accolade was taken out by Sooshi Mango in 2021. Sooshi Mango prevailed over a highly competitive field of comedic nominees, including children’s entertainer turned online comedian Jimmy Rees and TikTok creator of the year, Millie Ford, and this year sees the category expand to recognise all creators across all genres.

 This year’s Award for Favourite Digital Creator will, once again, be determined by the Australian public as part of the Audience Choice Awards, with more information coming soon.

 “Australia boasts some of the world’s most popular online and digital creators. Ozzy Man Reviews, the Inspired Unemployed boys, Millie Ford, Sarah Magusara, Fairbairn Films, Norris Nuts and many more are becoming household names. With the support of TikTok and NextGen Media Academy, we couldn’t be happier to cast the spotlight on the limitless possibilities of the online space and celebrate the screen medium that cuts through to every corner of the globe,” said Ivan Vukusic, AACTA’s Awards and Industry Development Manager.


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