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Asia International Engagement Program

On Wednesday 21 June 2017, AACTA launched the Asia International Engagement Program at a special event as part of the Shanghai International Film Festival in China. The foundation of which is the introduction of the AACTA Award for Best Asian Film, recognising excellence in filmmaking throughout the Asian region.

The Asia International Engagement Program aims to foster the burgeoning relationship between the film industries of Australia and its closest Asian neighbours. The Program will not only champion the skills and achievements of Asian filmmakers to audiences and industry in Australia, but will also promote Australia’s highly skilled screen practitioners to the booming industries of Asia, developing meaningful pathways for collaborations between Australia and the Asian region.

“As the Asian screen industry continues to grow and the traditional borders to content distribution are breaking down, audiences across the world are discovering what other regions have to offer,” said AFI | AACTA CEO Damian Trewhella. “There is strong audience demand for Asian cinema in Australia and an increase in co-productions between Western and Asian filmmakers. Our Program seeks to bring the best and the brightest from both regions to new audiences.”

The Asia International Engagement Program is being undertaken by AACTA in partnership with PR Asia. “As the achievements and potential of Asian media industries continue to grow and evolve, PR Asia is extremely proud to be partnering with the Australian Academy on the new AACTA Asia International Engagement Program,” said Co-Founder and Vice President of PR Asia Amy Xu.

As the Program grows, AACTA will also develop a range of film forums in Australia and regionally. These forums will present a significant opportunity to share knowledge and foster cultural understanding, allowing for greater harmony and engagement between the Australian and Asian screen industries and audiences, including the growing Asian communities living in Australia and active in our local screen industry.

For any further information on the AACTA Asia International Engagement Program, please email us at info@afi.org.au.


Thank you to all the filmmakers, guilds and industry bodies who assisted in the development of the Asia International Engagement Program through industry consultation, including: Anupam Sharma and Rachael Hayes from Films and Casting Temple; Zo Liang and Tony Coombs from PR Asia; Margarett Cortez and Ayusa Koshi from Japan Foundation; AusFilm; Screen Australia; APSA; Australian Screen Industry Group; Adrian Danks; Chinalion Films; Cine-Asia; Eros International; Mindblowing Films; and Madman Entertainment.

Thanks to the generous support of our partners and sponsors.

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