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As Australia’s top screen entertainment and popular culture body, AACTA is driven by the power of screen in inspiring creativity and connecting people with the entertainment, stories and perspectives which make our world a more interesting place.

Australia has a proud history of creating top television, film and talent, and we have honoured that creativity and craft since 1958 – firstly via the Australian Film Institute (AFI) Awards, and now via the AACTA Awards.

However, screen entertainment is evolving – and so are we. We believe in celebrating and supporting every aspect of Australian screen creativity, and we are committed to recognising our nation’s growing contribution to global pop culture.

Therefore, AACTA is expanding into more screen entertainment platforms than ever before, including YouTube and social media platforms, as we embrace new media, and the next generation of content creators and audiences.

More screen access in more places means greater demand for screen entertainment, and more opportunities to spotlight new voices from diverse backgrounds. And as Australia’s top screen entertainment body, AACTA is perfectly placed to leverage this demand.

We do this by discovering and nurturing talent to create content, by recognising and promoting Australian content around the world, and by connecting audiences at home and abroad with Australian screen stories, entertainment and content creators, including at our year-round screenings, masterclasses and events, which provide a forum for industry, students, creatives and audiences to celebrate all things screen together.

As the global creative economy continues to grow, our aim is to help build universal awareness of Australia’s diverse talents and the broad range of content we create by celebrating Australia’s most watched, most loved and most respected.

We are proud of the role we play in generating sales and jobs for our industry and creatives at home and abroad, helping to fuel the Australian screen industry’s $3bn contribution to the national economy each year, generating $250m in exports and supporting 25,000 jobs, as we take Australian screen culture, craft, creativity, entertainment and business to the world.

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