AACTA PITCH: ELEVATE is a national pitching competition aiming to discover the most original and exciting ideas for globally focused, high concept scripted stories. In 2019, AACTA searched for series ideas which were original, unique and have the potential for mass audience appeal. Elevated concepts begin with a simple premise and an unusual set of circumstances, but hold the potential for endless possibilities within the world of the series.

AFI | AACTA CEO Damian Trewhella stated “After seeing the sheer creativity and innovation of the concepts pitched at AACTA Pitch events in 2018 and earlier this year, we are looking forward to seeing what high-concept ideas Australian creatives come up with for AACTA Pitch: Elevate.

The Popularity of elevated genre series is at an all-time high, with international series such as Game of Thrones and The Handmaid’s Tale breaking rating and streaming records around the world. Australian high concept series include AACTA Award winning productions Glitch and Clever man have also found a dedicated international audience.

The rise of streaming services and online viewing platforms also marks an exciting time for Australian content creators who have more opportunities than ever to find global audiences.

Five finalists were selected for AACTA Pitch: Elevate, with the aim to discover the next world class, high concept scripted series. Each finalist pitched their exciting series concepts at the live final, hosted by comedian Gen Fricker (LEGALLY BROWN, HAVE YOU BEEN PAYING ATTENTION?)  and an esteemed judging panel.

Angela McDonald was announced the winner, pitching the series THE DEPARTMENT OF LAST REQUESTS.

The Department of Last Requests follows a run-down legal department that processes peoples wills- specifically, wills where the deceased had strange or complicated final wishes and where two drop kick lawyers had been assigned to carry out their last requests.

Angela received

  • A $5000 cash prize
  • Invaluable feedback from the judging panel
  • Guidance on the development of a pilot screenplay through script coverage from partnering production companies
  • Support from Spectrum Films to the value of $2,500
  • Tickets to the 2019 AACTA Awards presented by Foxtel.


ENDGAME | Gabriel Bergmoser, Bryony McLachlan
A young couple’s life is shattered when they discover they are non-player characters in a violent video game.

MY MOTHER, THE WITCH | Anya Beyersdorf
1693 — A Lawman is called to God’s Country to hear the wildly divergent confessions of two accused witches due to hang - a young girl and her mother - each swearing black and blue the other is the witch and should be put to death.

THE EIGHT | Adam Kiers, Barbara Stephen, Hannah Carol Chapman, Amal Awad
Christo has been found dead in the carpark of his apartment block. The viewer may follow their own path to investigate the crime with the ability to watch each episode - from the perspective of The Girlfriend, The Brother, The Old Lady, The Young Mum, The Brazilians, The Bikie and The Real Estate Agent - in any order to unravel the mystery.

You’ve probably never heard of the Department of Last Requests. A run-down legal department that processes people’s wills – specifically, wills where the deceased had strange or complicated final wishes and where two drop-kick lawyers have been assigned to carry out their last requests.

THE REPLICAS | Adam Daniel
After passing through a strange electrical storm at sea, the passengers of a transit ferry arrive at their island home to discover that they are duplicated versions of passengers that arrived on the same ferry thirty minutes earlier. 


Carly Heaton | Executive Producer at Foxtel;
Stephen Corvini | Drama Development Executive and Producer at Matchbox Pictures and Producer of SBS series HUNGRY GHOSTS;
Tracey Robertson | CEO of Emmy and BAFTA Award-winning company Hoodlum Entertainment; and
Billy Bowring | Development Manager at FremantleMedia Australia

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