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AACTA LMAO is taking a short break! Follow us on social media or check this page for updates. Stay funny.

AACTA LMAO is a monthly competition aimed at discovering the funniest new and original short comedy content.

Each month AACTA will;

  1. Announce a theme and guest judge
  2. Promote your funniest videos
  3. Offer great prizes and incentives! 

Content creators will be encouraged to submit their funniest work. The content has to be intentional (i.e. no pranks) which could consist of stand-up, sketch, parody, dance, music, or any original video content that can be uploaded to an Instagram Reel.

Winners will be determined by our guest judge for that month, who will be announced at the start of each month, in conjunction with the LMAO team. We offer a range of different spot prizes for all sorts of community acts, from nicest comment to those that have kept their streaks alive! 


AACTA and META are investing in future creators


Well this is exciting.

AACTA and Meta have teamed up to offer development opportunities and invest in the future of comedy creators. Each LMAO grand prize winner will get the opportunity to work with the fabulous Meta production team to refine an original piece of content. We'll then fly each winner to Sydney where they'll get to spend a day in Meta’s state-of-the-art Sydney studio working with some of the best in the business on their next viral video. 

Here's some highlights from our trip in May 2022.  

Each winner will:

  • Receive return economy flights to Sydney
  • be given access to the array of professional camera equipment, lighting, a full crew to create an original piece of content
  • learn from some of Australia’s biggest names in digital media
  • understand tricks of the trade
  • production skills to elevate their content
  • and tips to grow and develop their platforms and individual brand.  


More about LMAO




  • The competition is open to anyone aged 13 or older. 
  • If you are aged between 13 and 17 years of age you must confirm that you have a parent or guardian's permission to enter.
  • Prizes are only open to entrants living in Australia and New Zealand.
  • You must follow our Instagram account @aactalmao to be eligible to enter.


The Prizes (Monthly)


Tips for Content Creators 


  • Video content should be suitable for Instagram Reels
  • Your content must be Instagram-friendly, we'd recommend providing a portrait version if possible.
  • Minimum Resolution: 600×315 for landscape, 600×600 for square, and 600×750 for vertical
  • AACTA LMAO Video Content requirements:
    • File type: .MP4 or .MOV
    • We cannot accept working file, Premier Pro or Quicktime files
    • File size limit: 4GB
  • While HD video is definitely recommended, most smart phones offer high-quality 720p video so there’s no need to break the bank, we want to see what you can do with whatever resources you have!
  • If your content is dialogue heavy, double check the quality of your audio before submitting
  • Content can be live-action or animation, scripted or conversational,  stand-up or sit-down – just as long as it’s funny!
  • Don't forget to create to the theme, this can be however you interpret it. There are no rules (except the ones we've already told you about)
  • There is no cap on submissions so keep coming back
  • Make sure you're not breaking any copyright rules. This includes using brand names, music and footage.   

 T&Cs apply.

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