Voting in the AACTA Awards determines which film and television performers, practitioners, and productions will be honoured with Australia's highest screen accolade, an AACTA Award.

Voting is exclusive to AFI | AACTA members.

AACTA members – screen industry professionals who have undergone a process of accreditation to determine their individual areas of expertise, as evidenced through screen credits, CVs and other supporting documentation – vote across all categories, ensuring that those best qualified to recognise excellence within their craft specialisations do so, in turn ensuring that the AACTA Awards represent the pinnacle of film and television achievement in Australia.

AFI members (open to all) may vote in the Short Fiction Film and Short Animation categories.

Jury Voting

Juries of highly experienced screen professionals from a cross-section of crafts are formed to determine the nominees and winners in a selection of AACTA Award categories, with approximately 100 performers and practitioners joining AACTA Awards juries each year.

For the 6th AACTA Awards, 16 juries are to be established; Feature Film Pre-Selection; Short Fiction Film & Short Animation; Documentary Television Program; Feature Length Documentary; Documentary Craft; Television Drama; Television Comedy & Light Entertainment; Reality & Lifestyle Television; Children's Television; Hair & Makeup; Subscription Television Live Event Production; Subscription Television Presenters and New Talent; Television Drama Craft; Visual Effects and Animation, along with the Television Grand Jury; and the Television Craft Grand Jury.

AACTA Member Voting

As part of their accreditation process, AACTA members are allocated into one or more of AACTA's 15 chapters, which each represent a different area of screen craft specialisation (for example screenwriting, editing, directing, etc.). Chapter allocation determines each member's voting rights, as outlined in the AACTA Awards voting model.

To best acknowledge experience and accreditation within chapters, weighting is employed across Round One & Round Two voting.

AACTA acknowledges that it may not be possible for voting members to view all Feature Films in Competition. Therefore in Round One, AACTA will continue to adopt a weighted voting strategy to reflect the number of films seen by each voting member.

All AACTA members (regardless of their chapter allocation) are entitled to vote to determine the winners in the Best Feature Length Documentary, Best Short Fiction Film and Best Short Animation categories.

In line with best-practice international models, AACTA members vote on the Feature Films in Competition via a two round voting model. For the 6th AACTA Awards presented by Foxtel following a review with scrutineers, Ernst & Young, AFI | AACTA determined that the Feature Film nominees should continue to be determined by preferential voting in Round One, with the nominees in the Best Film category being limited to five. In Round Two, the Feature Film and Hair and Makeup winners are determined by a simple majority vote, in line with BAFTA and AMPAS methodology. This is also how the Feature Length Documentary and Short Film winners will be determined in Round One.

Round One Voting - CLOSED

During Round One voting for the 6th AACTA Awards presented by Foxtel, AACTA members voted to determine the following:

  • Best Film Nominees
  • Feature Film Nominees
  • Short Film and Feature Length Documentary Winner

Round Two Voting - CLOSED

During Round Two voting for the 6th AACTA Awards presented by Foxtel, AACTA members voted to determine the following:

  • Feature Film Winners
  • Best Hair and Makeup winner

Television and Documentary Voting

Juries of industry professionals determine the nominees and winners for the Television and Documentary Craft AACTA Awards.

AFI Member Voting

AFI members have the opportunity to vote for the winner of the Best Short Fiction Film and Best Short Animation during Round One voting.