Hair and Makeup

Hair and Makeup


Troy Follington accepting the inaugural AACTA Award for Best Hair and Makeup for CLEVERMAN at the 6th AACTA Awards (awarded alongside Kath Brown and Simon Joseph).

Hair and Makeup entries for the
7th AACTA Awards presented by Foxtel are now open.


5pm, Friday 25 August 2017


In order to be eligible, a Hair and Makeup entry must:

  • Be any wholly Australian created hair and makeup in an Australian produced feature film, television drama or television comedy production.
  • In the case of a TV production, be broadcast in Australia for the first time between 14 October 2016 and 20 October 2017.
  • In the case of a feature film production, be released theatrically in Australia for the first time between 14 October 2016 and 15 November 2017.
  • A maximum of three individuals most responsible for the overall creative design, supervision, execution, management and delivery of the Work To Be Considered are eligible to be entered as Award Candidates. This would include two senior department members, with the option for a third candidate if SFX/Prosthetic Makeup is involved.


Any production entered into the AACTA Awards (or AFI Awards) for a previous year is ineligible.

Late entries will not be accepted.

In order to be eligible to enter the Hair and Makeup category, a minimum of two Award candidates listed on the form must be current AACTA members. In the event that less than two Award candidates are listed on the Form, then the sole Award candidate listed on the Form must be a current AACTA member. In the event that fewer than two Award candidates qualify for AACTA membership, then AFI membership will be counted as “AACTA membership” for the purposes of this rule.

You can become an AFI or AACTA member here.

Please refer to the 7th AACTA Awards Rule presented by Foxtel Book for details of all Rules and Regulations.


In 2017, AACTA will stage the inaugural Hair and Makeup Bake-Off where AFI | AACTA members will have the opportunity to hear firsthand and see the ‘before and after’ clips from those productions and practitioners competing for the Best Hair and Makeup Award.

Further details of the Bake-Off will be announced later this year.