Unscripted Online Video

Unscripted Online Video entries for the 2019 AACTA Awards are now closed.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible for the Unscripted Online Video Award category, an Online Video must:

  • Be an Australian production that debuts via the internet and is intended primarily for online release and consumption via a video sharing site or unique URL and can include a Standalone video of up to 60 minutes in duration; or a Series that consists of potentially unlimited number of episodes but not less than two; or a Channel that collates content/uploads.
  • Have the production available via the internet in Australia for the first time between 6 August 2018 and 15 August 2019.

Unscripted can include but is not limited to:

  • How To – Channels or videos that provide step by step details of how to accomplish or undertake a task. These may include tutorials, before & afters, renovation instructional videos and ‘hacks’ accompanied with instructions.
  • Beauty/Fashion/Style – Channels or videos that specialise in clothing, style, makeup, hair and accessories. This may include wardrobe edits, fashion critiques, red carpet reviews, product reviews and fashion interviews.
  • Education/Science/Technology – Channels or videos that are informational and provide knowledge/facts/answers on specific or diverse topics, and may be geared toward children/school students as well as adults.
  • Sports and Wellness – Channels or videos that focus on health, fitness and wellbeing such as workout routines, diet tips, meditation, sporting games, sporting interviews, sports blunders and sports highlights.
  • Kids and Family – Channels or videos aimed at children and family viewing. This can include unboxing, playing with/road-testing toys, songs/singalongs, family vlogs.
  • Entertainment – Channels or videos that can include panel, quiz, game show, chat show, variety, competition, reality, food, wine, house, garden, travel, leisure.
  • Gaming - Channels or videos with a focus on video and computer games. These may be walkthroughs, let’s plays, reviews, game hacks, game set up, game mods and character creation.
  • Music - Channels or videos with a focus on music and the music industry. This may include live performances, song covers, album reviews, music listicles (top 10) and artist interviews.
  • News and Culture – Channels or videos that focus on news and culture

The entered Online Video will be considered in the form that it appears online and must remain posted online and available for review, via a video sharing site or unique URL, until the end of the Judging Period (11 October 2019).

Special rules for the Best Unscripted Online Video category:

  • Up to four candidates most responsible for the creation and execution of the production will be the nominee/s for the Award category.
  • An Unscripted Online Video will only be considered for the Best Unscripted Online Video Award.


Membership & Entry

Late entries will not be accepted.

In order to be eligible to enter the Unscripted Online Video category, a minimum of two Award candidates listed on the form must be current AACTA members. In the event that less than two candidates are listed on the form, then the sole Award candidate listed must be a current AACTA member. In the event that fewer than two Award candidates qualify for AACTA membership, then AFI membership will be counted as “AACTA membership” for the purposes of this rule.

You can become an AFI or AACTA member here.

Please refer to the 2019 AACTA Awards Rule Book for details of all rules, regulations and policies.

2019 Online Materials Checklist

Image: AACTA Award winners at the 2018 AACTA Awards Industry Luncheon.

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